When fleet trucks, buses and cars need complete driveaway service, the best choice is Transport Solutions of America. What often takes the competition two to three weeks can take TSOA two to three days. Saving time can save thousands of dollars.




Highly qualified drivers combine experience with competency. These skilled and seasoned drivers are critical to the TSOA reputation for excellent service.
The TSOA team is committed to a professional approach to client relationships. Our emphasis on integrity and “making it right” means our associates can be counted on to go beyond what’s expected. Whether you’re interacting with our drivers on the road or our team at the corporate office in Metro-Atlanta, you’ll find ethical treatment and a concern for your business.

VIP Service


While providing the logistic for moving fleets across America, what sets us apart is the VIP service that makes TSOA a complete source for drive away. You’ll appreciate our door-to-door courtesy pick up and delivery at your convenience, a service that sets us apart.
Beyond moving trucks, buses and cars, TSOA provides the details that make a service complete:

  • door-to-door courtesy pick up and delivery – on your schedule
  • tag processing
  • title work
  • inspections
  • detailing
  • approved mechanical work
  • … and anything you request for delivery of a vehicle!


Insurance & DOT Compliance


Because you want the assurance that you will always be held faultless, TSOA is at the top of the industry in insurance coverage. Our generous $5 million general liability coverage and worker’s compensation on every driver give you peace of mind when working with us. And we meet every compliance requirement or surpass it.
A $5 million general liability insurance plan and worker’s compensation protects your vehicles and our drivers. No other company offers more. In addition, the strict DOT and Safety compliant procedures at TSOA are important requirements when moving trucks. We monitor maximum drive time, audit our process and ensure our drivers are properly licensed across the country. Drivers have clean records and are DOT qualified, drug and alcohol tested and dependable.